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Mandate for National Youth Council created at SPARK SVG Youth Summit 2019

On Saturday 17th August 2019, SPARK SVG hosted the inaugural SPARK SVG Youth Summit 2019 at the Kingstown Methodist Church Hall. The event saw almost 200 of SVG's brightest and youngest minds under one roof to discuss some of the most prevalent global issues.

The featured speaker for the youth summit

was Mr. Nikoli Edwards, Interim Political Leader of the Progressive Party of Trinidad and Tobago. Mr. Edwards is a Youth Advocate, Social Activist and Communications Professional. He was appointed as the youngest Independent Senator in Trinidad and Tobago and the youngest member of the Procurement Board of Trinidad and Tobago. He has held the international title of Vice Chairperson Policy, Advocacy and Projects of the Commonwealth Youth Council. He is the recipient of Trinidad and Tobago’s 2018 National Youth Award for Youth Activism. Other speakers included Mr. Franz George, Miss. Moureeze Franklyn, Miss. Roselle Solomon, Miss. Tamira Browne, Miss. Avanel Hector, Mr. Odion Hillocks, Miss. Karen Veira, Miss. Niasha Mofford, Mr. Tevin Burnett, Miss. Denicia Gaymes and Mr. Lindon James.

Following Edwards' dynamic presentation, a mandate was created for the establishment of a National Youth Council in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. This came about due to a general consensus that young people in SVG ought to have a greater say in the decision making process in the nation. A national youth council is a representative body made up of youth organizations and young people in a particular state or nation which functions to mobilize, coordinate and supervise youth organisations, implement national youth programs and advise government on youth matters.

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