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Adia Daniel: Shining a Light on Influential Black Women!

We are proud to highlight the work of Adia Daniel a SparkSVG youth delegate who is igniting positive change by advocating for issues she deeply cares about. Adia entered the U.S Embassy Bridgetown Black History Month Speech Competition 2022 and her speech was ranked amongst the top 5 entries!

In her speech, she highlights the originators of the Black Lives Matter hashtag; #blacklivesmatter of whom were 3 influential black women. Adia seeks to evaluate how leaders today can harness modern technology to promote a more just, prosperous, and equitable society.

Adia believes in finding avenues through which you can voice your take on issues and create positive impacts in society . She believes that it is important that as young people, we find ourselves involved in various activities that help in the betterment of our people. As a young leader, Adia is ready to be a part of the solution.

Her message to other youth?

"Let’s work together to promote more just, prosperous, and equitable societies."
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